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General Code of Conduct for Students

1. All students admitted to the college are subject to the discipline and control of the college authorities. The students are required to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations that may be framed from time to time by the college authorities. In case of breach of discipline the Principal shall have the power to fine, suspend, rusticate or even expel the concerned student(s) from the College.
2. As per university rules the minimum attendance of students shall have to be 80% for all course work and practicum and 90% for school internship. Students are eligible for scholarships only when they earn more than 90% of attendance.
3. No student shall be permitted to take the University examination unless he /she has paid all his / her dues to the college and attendance are found satisfactory.
4. Students must adhere to the Dress Code of the Institute.
5. Use of mobile phones in the classrooms, Library, labs, workshop area etc. is strictly prohibited.
6. Every student must carry his / her Identity Card while entering the campus and identify himself with help of the Identity Card whenever asked for.
7. No guests / visitors shall be allowed with the students in the class/lab/ library.
8. Students must help keep the institute neat and clean and also preserve and maintain the greeneries.
9. In case of medical emergency in the campus, the student must inform the faculty member without any hesitation.
10. The following acts, would be deemed to be acts of indiscipline - any overt or covert act leading to ragging and eve teasing, disruption of class room activities or disturbing the studies of other students or marring the operations of the college or its educational activities or harming the health or safety of staff or students or damaging the college property or possession of any intoxicants or illicit drugs or weapons in the college campus, misconduct during examination, production of false information or documents for admission purpose.
11. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him/her from the institution.
12. Representation of complaints and grievances may be made individually to the Principal through the Discipline-cum-Grievance Committee.
13. The students are expected to take up all assignments, tests and examinations of this College/University seriously and would try to perform the best.
14. The Library is open to all the Students, Faculty and Staff of the Institution.
15. Readers are not allowed to enter the library with their personal belongings.
16. Readers shall be responsible for any damage done to the books or other property belonging to the Library of the College.
17. All notices shall be displayed on the notice board and it shall be presumed that the students have knowledge of the same. Any negligence to read the notices and the loss thereafter will not be the responsibility of the college.

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